Client testimonials

“Margaret has been working as an Associate Trainer for ASCERT over the past few years. She has established herself as a key member of our training team who is very popular with programme participants across a range of audiences. Margaret can be relied upon to deliver training in an engaging and interactive style, which always helps her to reach out to learners and put across her message with maximum impact.”


“This programme covers a lot of information and is easy to understand. I learned new tools to deal with life skills, made new friends, and the tutor was great fun.”

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership

“I loved how Mags explained everything so it could be understood, always using different examples. Mags also had a great demeanour for talking about the touchy subjects and made the space feel open for discussion.”

Compensation Services

“I have learned about how to look after myself and how to reduce my stress levels. The tutor was approachable, patient, willing to listen and engaged with everyone.”

Upper Springfield Development Trust

“I loved everything about this course. I learned things can always be fixed and nothing is impossible. There is always hope. I’d like to attend more courses with Margaret.”

Ashton Centre

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